Shalim Ortiz is one of the main cast members of Grand Hotel, portraying the role of Mateo.



In 2007, Ortiz starred as Miguel in the romantic, web-only series "Engaged" and also portrayed Alejandro Herrera on Heroes. His character was killed in the penultimate episode of the second season. He guest starred in an episode of Cory in the House as Bahavian singer Nanoosh. He also is featured in the Hallmark Channel movie Expecting a Miracle, which first premiered January 10, 2009.

Shalim has also guest-starred in mainstream series such as Cold Case and CSI Miami. He was also part of Maneater for Lifetime as Pablo. In 2012 Shalim joined the cast of Una Maid en Manhattan for NBC-Telemundo as engineer Frank Varela who fought for the love of Marisa, played by Litzy.

In 2018, Ortiz was cast as Mateo on Grand Hotel, a remake of Spanish series Gran Hotel.[1]

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